Web Development

Tizgee’s innovative designs and front-end development practices ensure a flawless customer experience on multiple devices. We create information-centric website architecture focusing on the creation of meaningful, accurate structured data and metadata. Tizgee works closely with our clients to make their content more broadly available through multiple channels; make their content more accurate and understandable by maintaining plain language and content freshness standards; and offer feedback mechanisms to ensure that service delivery is continually improved.

Our project process? It's easy:

Project Process 1-4

Tizgee follows an agile development model led by our certified ScrumMaster. In this model, requirements are developed incrementally, and development is done iteratively so at every stage our Clients are engaged in the process and provide feedback on an ongoing basis. This process identifies project risks early and allows for quick mitigation. In the agile process, the Client will never be surprised by or unaware of the status of the project.